BORIS POLESCHUCK / executive chef

Boris Poleschuck was raised in Brooklyn, he had the love for food & passion for cooking at a very young age.

Boris graduated French Culinary Institute known today as the International Culinary Center, they call their method “Total Immersion” What this really means is that they ensure that what a chef learns can be taken to the real-world in a fascinating & astonishing method the minute you leave their doors.

Boris than landed with the position of the “Sous-chef” at the famed Lezoo restaurant in NYC. His curiosity and enthusiasm drove him to try it all, Chef Boris practiced his supernatural skills at many famed NYC culinary hot spots where he witnessed, tasted and mastered many techniques of different cuisines form around the world, The Four seasons, Lespinasse, Aqua Grill, to name just a few.

Boris spent 11 years as the executive banquet chef at the prominent St. Regis Hotel in NYC. During that course of time he was introduced to the kosher line by offering private chef assignments for the East Hampton and Upper west side Jewish community as well as at the prestigious Ram Caterers.

Poleschuk gained national attention for his role as a contestant on season eight of the reality TV series “Hell's Kitchen,” hosted by cantankerous celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey.

Boris also worked with Chef Jorge Mendes, the executive chef of Aldea, a Michelin starred restaurant here in New York as well as with some truly great chefs, like Corey Lee, who is right now rated one of the top-rated chefs in the country.